On-Site Chair Massage

Wellness in the Workplace

When you can’t change your employees workload, you can help them manage the stress of the workload. Blue Sky Massage & Bodywork’s on-site chair massage therapy  promotes wellness and health, prevents injury and reduces stress for employees and management. Blue Sky Massage & Bodywork will come to you and provide on-site chair massage at your office, workplace or company event. Chair massage is also a great idea for office parties. We GUARANTEE  you and your employees will be satisfied!
*Reduces Muscle Tension/Pain
*Calms the Nervous System & Increases Circulation
*Boosts the Immune System
*Reduces Employee Sick Days
*Improves Office Morale!

According to Touch Research Institute researcher Maria Hernandez-Reif, Ph.D., There is a relationship between stress and the immune system.  If stress hormones are chronically elevated, the hormone Cortisol will destroy the healthy immune cells that fight off viruses and tumors and keep the immune system healthy.  If you can reverse that, you not only reduce stress but also reduce stress hormones, allowing the immune system to do it’s job, which is to heal the body and keep it healthy.”

Services Offered
Massage recipients*  receive a 10 or 15 minute session by a Licensed and Insured Massage Therapist focusing on the upper body including the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. (*fully clothed)

To schedule a BLUE SKY DAY at your office or event, please call or email :

                                     859.912.0130                            info@blueskymb.com