Pediatric Massage

Oftentimes, we think of stress as an adult condition.  Unfortunately, stress affects small children and teenagers, as well.  Our “crazy-busy” schedules, a family illness, divorce, financial worries, or peer pressure at school are just a few of the stressors children may be battling on a daily basis.Massage promotes stability in hormone levels which relieves anxiety and mood swings and boosts the immune system.


Young athletes push their bodies to the limit (and sometimes beyond) while working hard at their sport.  Whether they have suffered an injury, have overused their muscles, or simply wish to maintain good health, massage therapy can be an important part of their training and recovery.  Massage therapy can reduce muscle tension and tightness while improving range of motion, function, and recovery.

Blue Sky Massage & Bodywork offers 30 minute and 1 hour sessions for young athletes.

Regular therapeutic massage will help your kid stay in the game!